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Welcome to my little corner of the inner -webs. My name's Rachel. I'm a writer, researcher and masochism integration mentor. My focus is on shadow work, releasing our addictions to suffering and healing from pain mindfully, through the acceptance of our darkness. My work is transmuted through various expressions; both non-fiction and fiction books I'm developing, screenwriting and one on one mentoring.

For anyone interested in exploring ponderings on conscious sadomasochism, bringing harmony to mental illness and the anatomy of pain, you can visit my articles page and The Conscious Masochist. 


If you're looking for resources to aid you on your quest for spiritual understanding and a deeper connection to love, you can check out Áine's Library for a plethora of curated teachers, books and more. 

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Conscious Masochism



An introductory ebook on the philosophy of conscious masochism. For those of us who identify with the term "masochist" to one extent or another, the shame, confusion and lack of self-trust we battle can be crippling. There are aspects of masochism rooted in mental illness, there are other aspects that are not. Finding our way through our masochistic desires while maintaining a loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves can feel like we're eternally treading stormy waters. If you're wondering how to define a new perspective on your own mental health, that doesn't shame you into thinking you're broken or wired wrong, then hopefully this ebook offers you some reassurance, comfort and validation. May the perspectives and tools in this book, gently guide you within to sift and sort through which parts of your masochistic nature feel true for you, and which do not. I believe some of us were born with a fondness towards masochism for a reason, and that if handled with self awareness, compassion and safety, it can be a powerful asset in our lives, not a hinderance. Befriending my inner masochist and tapping into her strength, softness and courage has been life-changing, so if that resonates with you, I invite you to approach this book with an open mind and heart, as well as a willingness to confront any discomfort that may be triggered. 

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"the cure for pain is in the pain"

~ Rumi


Books In Development


Book One of The Opeikinn Chronicles

Moon Rising blends Nordic folklore into a magical world where some are born with a gift to manipulate auras, known as Opeikinn. The Nokken - a sadistic, power-hungry creature - has terrorized Adelaide's homeland for nearly 700 years. After her father sends her away to hone her abilities at a sanctuary for Opeikinn, she nurtures an insatiable need to one day defeat this ominous villain once and for all, saving her country, her family and her future.

A tale of devotion, belonging, patriotism and love, Moon Rising is an epic fantasy that speaks to those who, perhaps foolishly, live ruthlessly for the ideal of unconditional love.


Everyday masochism... where does that land for you?

We unconsciously torture ourselves through little acts of everyday masochism, because we are too afraid of the pain it will take to... quit the job, move, let go of the toxic relationship, ask for what you want, etc. We put ourselves through emotional turmoil everyday and deprive ourselves the pleasure of our dream lives, simply because we haven’t embraced the courage of our inner masochist to fiercely walk into the fires of change head-on. Untie Me is a compassionate guide to understanding our self-sabotaging patterns and releasing the bonds of everyday masochism that subtly torment us.

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Untie Me: The Podcast

launching fall 2021


From one human trying to untie herself from the bonds of unconscious suffering to the next, Rachel plays with notions of normalizing pain in the human experience. Suffering is optional and is often due to our resistance to feeling pain at all. In Untie Me, Rachel offers a perspective of compassion towards mental illness and those with a fascination for darkness. Through exploring our shadow sides with acceptance and how we relate to pain through unconscious emotionally sadistic and masochistic tendencies. She speaks to a variety of guests on how we can experience deeper self-trust and connection to humanity, returning to wholeness through embracing pain. 

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Learn more about Gary Roe's suicide prevention and grief support work at www.garyroe.com


Áine's Library 


Áine is the Celtic goddess of summer, joy, love and sovereignty. She represents the essence that this library exudes for all who seek answers, community, healing and purpose. It is an online hub and home for lightworkers looking for a space to gather, explore, heal, and play. Interactive sections of the website include The Wordsmith's Nook and The Glow Compass, along with the constantly expanding library full of resources, tools and teachers. 

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