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an 8 week journey to master your inner m

The Art of Conscious Masochism is an 8 week process to redefine your masochistic nature, release any underlying shame and learn how to play with pain safely and mindfully.


Many of us struggle with accepting this part of ourselves when those around us do not understand it or perceive it as something wrong with us. I’m here to tell you there is nothing wrong with your inner masochist.


There are however, ways to interact with her/him/them that encourage healing and self-love, rather than perpetuating our self-loathing and addictions to dangerous pain. This is a philosophical and spiritually minded perspective. One rooted in energy, timeless wisdom and humanity rather than religion, psychiatry or cultural dogma.


You don't need to bring any specific beliefs to this experience, nor will anything be pushed onto you. Take what fits for you, leave whatever doesn't. 

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