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where pain is normalized and our darkness embraced

a space dedicated to those with a love-hate relationship with pain, looking for a compassionate and honest approach to resisting the temptation of self-sabotage, whilst making pain our ally in our quest for deeper healing, greater self-awareness, connection and unconditional love. 

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to acknowledge and work with our "inner masochist" - the part of us that chooses pain either consciously or unconsciously - and offer it curiosity, compassion and acceptance so that it remembers it is strong enough to CHOOSE pain mindfully, rather than believing that any pain in our lives has power over us.



to bring our desires out of the darkness and into the light, release our shame, summon our courage and choose our pain wisely - instead of carelessly. 



untangling ourselves from the harmful behaviors and painful patterns that derail our success and joy, when we are intrinsically compelled to choose suffering over and over...



simple, when you break it down. courage, self-compassion, love, resilience, self-acceptance... it should be easy right? at times only in theory until things get tough...

so for the old souls, the deep thinkers, the bleeding hearts and tortured artists - masochists in one form or another, let's explore our dark side with a little more curiosity, compassion and safety together, because we aren't in this alone. 

An introductory ebook on the philosophy of conscious masochism. For those of us who identify with the term "masochist" to one extent or another, the shame, confusion and lack of self-trust we battle can be crippling. There are aspects of masochism rooted in mental illness, there are other aspects that are not. Finding our way through our masochistic desires while maintaining a loving, compassionate relationship with ourselves can feel like we're eternally treading stormy waters. If you're wondering how to define a new perspective on your own mental health, that doesn't shame you into thinking you're broken or wired wrong, then hopefully this ebook offers you some reassurance, comfort and validation. May the perspectives and tools in this book, gently guide you within to sift and sort through which parts of your masochistic nature feel true for you, and which do not. I believe some of us were born with a fondness towards masochism for a reason, and that if handled with self awareness, compassion and safety, it can be a powerful asset in our lives, not a hinderance. Befriending my inner masochist and tapping into her strength, softness and courage has been life-changing, so if that resonates with you, I invite you to approach this book with an open mind and heart, as well as a willingness to confront any discomfort that may be triggered. 

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Conscious Masochism



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