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Comprehensive Relationship Analysis 

For couples seeking deeper understanding, love and acceptance, The Handbook of You & I is a reading meticulously compiled and intuitively transcribed to serve as a guidebook to your individual inter-workings, and therefor, how you interact with one another. These readings combine your natal charts, human design charts, numerology, Myers-Briggs types, Love Languages, and any other relevant personality type considerations, to achieve a detailed and compassionate report.


This is not a compatibility reading with any ranking system or levels of "more" or "less" compatible. This is simply a handbook to illuminate you on a bit of your own internal makeup, and that of your partner's, to encourage and support you both in understanding what the other needs, how they think and feel, strengths and weaknesses, and areas for growth that may need the most compassion, acceptance and love. 

These readings come in several different levels, and with varying amounts of support and interaction. If you have any questions, or would like to alter a package listed below, you can reach out here