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Personalized S&M Blueprint Readings

What if you had your own user manual for moving through pain and life in all of your colorful complexity, to sustain more satisfying relationships, make healthier choices and feel at peace within your chaos, without sacrificing what makes you, you.


This 10+ page guide illuminates some of the influences within your birth chart that contribute to how you experience and heal from pain. This includes your masochism, sadism, dominance, submission and everything in between when it comes to darkness, negativity, suffering or feeling all alone. 

We can heal our incurable wounds, but not necessarily in the way most people tell us to. Conscious awareness of your unique sadomasochistic puzzle is the first step in making more mindful choices, accepting your flaws, and teaching others how to love and accept you in your way. We weren't left to live this painful life without tools to navigate the stormy waters, so if you're looking to feel more seen than ever before and validated at your core, you're in the right place. 


In collaboration with the insightful and wise Second House Healing, we have created these personalized readings as a path to help you learn about yourself through the lens of S&M.

This reading will cover your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Mercury Sign, Venus Sign, Mars Sign, Jupiter Sign, Saturn Sign, Chiron Sign and your Emotional Center in Human Design - yes, we went all out. This guide will give you a thorough exploration into how your chart plays a role in your perspective on pain and where you struggle to embrace healing. 


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1. Order your Starkissed S&M Blueprint Reading

2. Complete the Starkissed Survey emailed to you. This gives me your birth data needed to do your chart, as well as a few other quick questions.

3. Wait 5-7 days for your finished Blueprint PDF


**If you do not receive an email after purchase, contact Rachel at rachelleedom@gmail.com

a 20+ page PDF to reveal your cosmic design around pain