an 8 week journey to master your inner m

an immersive inner metamorphosis

The Art of Conscious Masochism is an 8 week process to redefine your masochistic nature, release any underlying shame and learn how to play with pain, safely and mindfully. 


Many of us struggle with accepting this part of ourselves when those around us do not understand it or perceive it as something wrong with us. Understandable when it can cause so much damage if we aren't careful or don't truly have our own best interests at heart... but even that doesn't eradicate the masochist.

I’m here to tell you there is nothing wrong with your inner masochist.


There are however, ways to interact with her or him that encourage healing and self-love, rather than perpetuating our self-loathing and addictions to dangerous pain.


This is a philosophical and spiritually minded perspective. One rooted in energy, timeless wisdom and humanity rather than religion, psychiatry or cultural dogma. 

I invite you to set the tone for this soul excavation...

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to acknowledge and work with our "inner masochist" - the part of us that chooses pain either consciously or unconsciously - and offer it curiosity, compassion and acceptance so that it remembers it is strong enough to CHOOSE pain mindfully, rather than believing that any pain in our lives has power over us.

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The Art of Conscious Masochism

Self-Paced Digital Course (yours to keep forever)

There is an 8 week optional structure to follow, but it's not required.

Complete with: 

  • Video and audio content woven throughout the course

  • Journaling activities, affirmation lists, and resource guides

  • Rachel’s step-by-step guide to safe, mindful pain play, with 20+ ideas

  • 4 in-depth modules to heal your relationship with your inner masochist, uncover the shape of your unique masochistic nature & confront the parts of yourself holding you back from releasing any self-sabotage

  • Bonuses included: The Thundering Tomb of a Masochist playlist, curated guided meditations from mindfulness experts/teachers, 15% off store items, and bonus module - A New Perspective on Angels and Demons

I created this experience as a way to educate those interested in the perspective of conscious masochism, through entertaining, yet highly catalytic content. The information within this course has the ability to create profound shifts within your mind, heart and your DNA through rewiring activities and subtle energy practices (such as meditation, visualizations, imagination, journaling and perspective shifts).


You'll receive deep encouragement and guidance as you redesign your sadomasochistic identity in whatever way feels most authentic and fulfilling to you.






Do you feel...

At war inside yourself, a battle raging between your darkness and your light

Alone in your complex sadomasochism, those around you don't understand it

Afraid to engage certain behaviors or desires within your head, as society perceives them as wrong/unhealthy/bad

Confused by what tendencies or behaviors are conscious vs. unconscious masochism

Ashamed of sharing this part of yourself in your relationship

Addicted to this part of yourself to such an extreme extent that balance and moderation feel impossible

That you're incapable of building or sustaining self-compassion, self-trust or self-love

If you're ready for an internal reckoning between your darkness and light... to finally feel at peace when chaos  swells within you... then this is for you

This course is for anyone who wants...

To build and sustain a loving, respectful and trusting relationship with their self entire (the dark & light)

To reclaim their masochistic nature and redefine how that looks and feels in their life

To explore creative outlets and tools for healing pain and trauma, and raise their level of consciousness

To discover tools to lean on in moments of intense pain, chaos or fear, bridging their higher self and inner masochist

To build healthier, more fulfilling and deeply satisfying relationships as a masochist

To learn to play with pain in safe, mindful ways - physically, emotionally and spiritually

To dive within the dark cave inside their psyche where shadow parts are tucked away, wreaking havoc unconsciously

To liberate themselves from cultural stigmas, shame and dogma that says healthy has to look a certain way

To reimagine how masochism can look and feel in their lives, and how this new perspective creates a positive impact


so for the old souls, the deep thinkers, the bleeding hearts and tortured artists - masochists in one form or another, let's explore our dark side with a little more curiosity, compassion and safety together, because we aren't in this alone. 

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Module One – Developing Awareness of Your Masochistic Nature

Week One: Your Unique Masochistic Blueprint

Learn about conscious vs. unconscious masochism, and the five facets of masochism. Discover your edges and learn how your unique puzzle fits together, everyone’s masochism comes out in different ways to various degrees. 

Week Two: Cosmic Toolkit - Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Past Lives 

An introduction to how different metaphysical tools can support you in self-awareness and healing, both in deeper self-understanding and in explaining your nature to other people.

Module Two – Integrating Your Shadows

Week Three: Unlearning Self-Sabotage

Explore therapeutic and holistic modalities that are available to aid you in unlearning self-sabotage. We are all designed to work differently. There is no one way, one size fits all. The more we honor that, the freer we feel and the more fun we can have in experimenting with what works for us and finding true motivation to take better care of ourselves.

Week Four: Finding Comfort Within Polarity

The more light we learn to accept and embrace, the more darkness rises to greet us. Learn how to let a wider spectrum of dark and light in your life excite and intrigue you, rather than causing you to shrink back into lack mentality, fear or self-punishment. 

Module Three – Growing Your Attraction to the Light

Week Five: Rewiring Your Addiction to Suffering

Learn five different techniques designed to reprogram your subconscious beliefs and empower your ability to feel comfortable and attracted to choosing your healing over suffering.

Week Six: Building Positive Associations With An Empowered Life

As masochists, we may find it more alluring and believable to commit to our victimhood... to see ourselves as small, incapable or not deserving, under the false illusion that this is the right order in the world. We don’t do anyone any favors by believing we are broken, bad or wrong, but truly accepting that and living from that place can feel easier said than done.

Module Four – Conscious Masochism as a Way of Life

Week Seven: Healthy Relationships as a Masochist

If your relationships – romantic, platonic or familial – have suffered due to your masochism, then you’re going to love this lesson. Our relationships often become dumping grounds for our overflow sadomasochistic behaviors and beliefs. When we build relationships based upon a foundation of self-loathing, shame, disempowerment and guilt, we’ve put poison in the soil of anything we were hoping to grow. Thankfully our relationships can thrive, without us “curing” or “fixing” our masochism, this week I’ll show you how. 

Week Eight: Creating Sacred and Safe Masochistic Practices

Learn how to build a fun, safe and loving relationship with your masochism, whether physical, emotional or sexual, and explore the expressions of it that feel most authentic for you. With proper boundaries and respect, we don’t have to leave behind the parts of pain we deeply love the most. 

your darkness was always meant to coexist with the light

it's not a fault in the system

it's there by design

how it works

Course Begins - July 2nd, 2021

Housed on Teachable, you'll receive an email with log in info to access the digital course. This will be available to you forever, feel free to complete at your own pace and return when you'd like, or follow along the 8 week structured timeline. The choice is yours.


the investment

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One-time payment

Payment Plan

$75 x 2

Two payments / 30 days apart



I really want to participate but I can't afford it, are there options?

Send an email to, you can ask for an option to extend the payment plan over additional months or I have a few scholarship offerings for those who need it most. 

I'm not spiritual or religious, do I have to be to gain value here?

No, there is no requirement to be spiritually minded or have any specific beliefs to participate this. While you should be prepared for energetic principles, perspectives on The Universe and metaphysical tools to be woven throughout the content, you can absolutely pass over things that don't speak to you. Take whatever fits, approach with an open mind, and leave behind whatever is not right for you.

I don't have much time to spend on this, can I go slower than 8 weeks?

Yes, you do not have to follow the 8 week structure, you can move through this course at your own pace. The 8 week timeline is simply there to provide a framework if that's helpful, but it's not a requirement. I would encourage you to go through this content when you have the time and space to do so, even if that takes months to work through this process. Don't underestimate the emotional impact that digging through these shadows can trigger within you, you don't need to add extra pressure upon yourself to stay "on track".

the investment

Standard Price


One-time payment

Payment Plan

$75 x 2

Two payments / 30 days apart