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The Bowens

Teleplay written by Rachel Leedom, Kasey Leedom and Courtney Larson

Season One complete, Pilot episode available upon request. 


Brothers Cash and Jax Bowen sardonically reflect on their seemingly picture perfect life as teens in suburbia where they wrestle with perpetual addiction, buried sexuality, and living up to their prestigious family name.


It’s The Fosters, meets 13 Reasons Why, meets Modern Family



While The Bowens may seemingly have it all, they are anything but perfect. Brothers Cash and Jax, share their witty and at times dramatic commentary on their experiences living under their successful parent's expectations, the pressure only increasing when their father runs for office. Cash, eager to make his parents proud, struggles to hide the secrets to which he owes his own success. Jax, a lone wolf, battles inner demons of buried sexuality and inadequacy, while their sister, Ellie, stumbles into womanhood as she falls into an unexpected forbidden romance. Through sardonic banter, Cash and Jax reflect on their ludicrous life as teens in suburbia and the consequences they feared their adolescent mistakes would have on their family name.

The Seven

Teleplay written by Rachel Leedom, Kasey Leedom and Brooke Jewell

Story in development, writing Pilot episode in process


An orphaned prince hunts down his long lost mother and the dark power that has corrupted her, in a kingdom beyond the seventh wall of the world.


* Drama, Fantasy, Romance *


“Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh wall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs, dwells Snow White, fairest one of all.” There are seven walls that separate the seven kingdoms of the world. In the second kingdom of Wisteria, The Queen ruled alone after her husband had fallen in battle years ago. In a fresh retelling of the snow white and the seven dwarves, a young price and his mother are parted when an enemy kingdom attacks, stealing her away. The Prince fled to safety that night, The Queen taken in the enemy's carriage, but he believed she was killed that night.


Years pass and The Prince has grown into a man, a Huntsman, with little left of his kingdom but 

scorched earth. He learns that his mother is still alive, but she has been corrupted into the evil sorceress of the seventh kingdom, who brings chaos and destruction to the world. He embarks on a perilous journey to avenge her, but will he able to stop the blight of the seventh kingdom if it means destroying what's left of her to do so? An unexpected ally may be the key to his mission's success, The Princess of the seventh kingdom, a girl with hair black as a raven and skin as white as snow. But with a power of her own brewing within her veins, will she be free from corruptions grasp?

Intentionally Bruised

Screenplay written by Rachel Leedom

Story in development, writing in process


A girl explores the depths of her sadomasochistic nature through an oddly colorful and painful journey, accompanied by two friends - Sadie, her inner sadist and Masoc, her inner masochist - who no one can see but her. 


Coming Soon.