Live Group Call - July 24th 2021, Time TBD

A New Perspective on Angels & Demons

The battle between good and evil, the light and the dark is practically as old as time itself here on earth. On this call, we'll explore what we have been taught about angels and demons, both the archetypes within us and the concept of ethereal beings beyond us. We'll reframe the perspective and you'll learn how angels and demons work together for our highest good.

Live Group Call - August 21st 2021, Time TBD

The Proper Care and Feeing of Your Inner Masochist

On this call, we will discuss masochistic supply, unhealthy silent agreementwe form with our pain, and how the deeper layers of masochism are expressed when our inner masochist is hungry.

Attending the calls live is not a requirement. The recordings of the calls will be uploaded into the course system for you to watch at your convenience if you can't make the time. 

However, for those interested in participating in the live calls, this will be a group mentoring experience, open to those who have questions and feel comfortable sharing in front of others in this safe, intimate online space.