my mission

To bring clarity, tenderness, understanding and safety to the energetic essence of masochism. To bring awareness to the gifts, purpose and light it can bear, despite being shrouded in so much darkness. To be an advocate for deeper healing, greater self-acceptance and unconditional love for both those recovering from or embracing their masochism.

Want to work with me one on one? Visit below to learn about the 12 week conscious masochism mentorship. 


Welcome, my name's Rachel. I'm a 6/2 Sacral Generator in Human Design... an INFJ... a Capricorn Sun/Scorpio Moon & Rising/Aquarius Mars & Mercury with a Pisces Venus buried beneath it all. So to say I'm a sensitive, analytical, free thinking, deep feeling, romantic who hides beneath an at times, cold, brooding exterior, would just about scratch the surface. Isn't it pretty magnificent how intricately unique and diverse we all are, not only on the outside, but throughout our vast depths within? 

If you're here to get to know me and my work, you'll need to know two things. There are two subjects I love dearly and am simultaneously pursing, personally and professionally. Self-awareness/spiritual remembrance... how to apply those learnings to our well-being, relationships and creative pursuits... and storytelling. Depending on the day, I may be weaving words through various screenplays, my novel, music or poetry. I adore any format for conveying a beautifully written, fictional story and eventually you'll find a variety of each of those here. 

Professionally, I've worked in partnership with my mother's PR agency for over eight years now and love the work I'm fortunate enough to do, promoting our authors' work in the fields of self-growth, relationships, parenting, health and lifestyle. At 18, I founded Ductus Operations, a social media management and website design company. 


In 2017, I founded Áine's Library (pronounced awn-ya's) a resource for curious lightworkers, to serve as an online destination directing visitors to books, teachers, podcasts, apps, videos, articles and courses that helped me on my journey of awakening. I developed a 1 on 1 mentoring program called Radiant Living. I held one beautiful round of that program before shifting directions again, as my current work on conscious masochism began to emerge. 

I am a writer, mentor, more "philosopher" than budding-psychologist, avid researcher and reader of both fiction and non-fiction. Which is probably why I intend to spend my life writing both fiction and non-fiction. They're very different muscles that I love exercising equally. I write because it's one of the most fun things I could imagine doing with my time and hopefully, it might help some folks out there too... or at least provide some mildly amusing entertainment. That part's up to you. 


For those here interested in exploring my pondering's on conscious masochism, healing and the anatomy of pain, you can visit my articles page and The Conscious Masochist. If you want to keep in touch, subscribe to my newsletter and you will receive a free mini version of my eBook (available now), Conscious Masochism: Releasing Our Addiction to Suffering and Embracing Our Darkness for Healing.